Amidst Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza comeback, Pizza Hut tasked us to create a clever and playful (because Yum Foods owns both brands) clap-back that positions Pizza Hut as the to-go-to pizza choice with a product that's been there all along and will be there forever. 
Introducing the Italian Taco a.k.a. a folded-over pizza slice. 
On September 15th, Pizza Hut dramatically announced that the Italian Taco is back too. In fact, it’s been here and will be here. So just try and OutPizza us and we’ll OutTaco you, Taco Bell.
Creative Director: Alex Ho
Senior Copywriter(s): Riley Trella, Jamie Levey | Senior Art Director: Mario Bibian
Jr Copywriter: Anjali Mahbubani | Jr Art Director: Anna Sefil
Agency: 160over90 An Endeavor Company

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