In my bout of curiosity and personal interest in the infinite cosmic dark, I created Stellar: A Parallel Perspective. “Stellar” is a series of abstract 3D animations and visual posters that explore themes of the future within the existing universe. The use of 3D elements stems from my personal interest in wanting to explore 3D animation through creative code (via 
I coded environments that encompass the setting of space yet allude to the existence of life. Those settings are then used to create a poster design that encapsulates a complementary view of that environment, hence the parallel perspective.
The type that is incorporated in the posters hints at the symbolism that is abstracted from the animations themselves. 
I wanted to create a cohesive piece that would explore my interest in the vast universe and simultaneously challenge and bind elements of creative code, 3D animation, and design, thus the creation of “Stellar: A Parallel Perspective.”
3D Animation | 3D Code | Design
NETWORK depicts the interpersonal connections that exist in our life and within the world...or worlds that might possibly be monitored outside of our knowledge.
DYSTOPIA explores the disruptive relationship between the organic world and the inorganic. The setting moves rigidly and follows the pattern of a sine wave yet simultaneously represents a mountain range that is supposed to exist in nature. 
BRACE YOURSELF implies the existence of life but displaces that form into what could be any sense of advancements and what that can entail for evolution in the future.
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