SpaceX 'Join The Race'
Branding | Advertising | Animation
Coming to you in the far hypothetical future, SpaceX introduces it’s “Join The Race” campaign to promote and expand space travel to the rest of the world’s population.​​​​​​​
With a current population of almost 8 billion human inhabitants along with an exponentially growing population, Earth could potentially be putting itself in danger.  There could potentially be a time where the planet's land masses and resources would not be able to accommodate the influx of people.
We created a SpaceX campaign that encourages humans to take the first step forward to space colonization via commercialized space travel for the masses.  ​​​​​​​
In collaboration with MaryBeth O'Hanlon
Utilizing Barack Obama Space Exploration speech in tandem with found footage to emphasize the importance of space exploration in order to sustain a life beyond planet Earth. Featuring a summary of our present achievements on Earth and how Mars colonization and beyond is the next step to sustain our way of living. 
[x]POD is the name that is in tandem with SpaceX (Space Exploration). The space where the x is within the bracket represents the physical space that users can immerse themselves in space exploration. Situated next to every pod is an animated holographic poster that introduces the [x}POD.

The SpaceX watch features a holographic interface that keeps track of flight information and anything space travel related from tracking your flight duration, current location, and of course, telling you your time zone time.
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